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Benefits of gifts from mom and pop manufacturing

“Give a man a fish and he can eat for a day; teach him how to fish and he can eat for a lifetime.” This Chinese proverb is the best answer for why we need to patronize handmade products which are made by mom and pop manufacturers.

Gifts bought in mom and pop manufacturing sustains their livelihood.

Aside from this, usually small, independent businesses take extra care when they build or create a product. With this, buyers are assured of the quality and safety of the product because they want them to come again and tag along friends or relatives to buy again from them.

The “tender loving care” their products are made, also often manifests in the products’ appearance. More often than not, gifts from mom and pop manufacturers are very well-crafted, very intricate, and very meticulously-made. It’s because products made by this kind of manufacturers are checked by none other the owners of the business themselves.

Marketing of mom and pop manufacturers relies mostly on the word of mouth of their buyers, thus they ensure their handmade products are of perfect quality. Compared to giant manufacturers, gifts bought from mom and pop manufacturers are often better because they are made “from the heart”.

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