Choosing a gift for someone who holds some importance in your life is now easy with aworldgift.com, a reputed Reno gift shop that has scores of customers from all over the world. With a wide collection of handmade gifts from around the world that catch the eye, the only thing you need to worry about is over shopping. Collecting the marvelous gifts from Asian nations like Vietnam, Philippines, and many others is our passion, and we find a unique peace in appreciating the talents of people who can craft perfectly. Though we have changed our name from Global Goods, the quality you expect from us is still the same. Crafting is an art, and we appreciate every artist by ensuring that the person gets a fair price for the hard work that needs to be put in. Every piece we offer on this website is tested for quality, artistic abilities and will increase the beauty of your or a loved one’s space.

Why Choose Us?

We understand that when searching for a reputed Reno gift shop, you might have come across various websites and stores. So, here we are giving you reasons why you should give us a preference over them.

Appreciating Skills is Essential

Every person who is a part of aworldgift.com appreciates the talent needed to create a handmade item. We do our best to filter through fake artists and appreciate real talent. As humans, it’s our duty to appreciate people who can create beauty and give them the means and incentives to pass on the knowledge to future generations.

Being Environment-Friendly is Vital

The craftspeople we select make use of renewable, sustainable and natural materials that pose no threat to the environment. We understand the value of preserving Mother Nature and hence, do our best to be an environment-friendly Reno gift shop.

Charity at the Core

As we believe in giving back to the communities that create such masterpieces for us, 10 percent of our gross sales are used for supporting schools in the communities that supply us with such magical creations. We believe in the saying, “give more than you get.”

Demanding Perfection

We are the only Reno gift shop that bridges the gap between them craftspeople and common customers. Taking feedback from our customers and passing it on to the artists to help them improvise is a key element to our success and we’ll stick to that for as long as we exist enchanting everyone. Another reason to trust us as your preferred Reno gift shop is that we work tirelessly to expand our collection. Our team members travel extensively to find people who create varieties of handmade products that can enchant not only our customers but for every person who lays an eye on the products. Now that you know the ABCDE of the reasons to trust us, we hope to see you soon and become your preferred Reno gift shop. Trust us once and you’ll be tempted to trust us over and over again.
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